What we do

Dream Job is a service organizations specialized in recruiting foreign teachers.

At present, we provide professional full-time and part-time foreign teachers for all kinds of kindergartens, training institutions, study abroad institutions, international schools and so on.

How it works

1. The school that hires foreign teachers informs our company of the recruitment time of foreign teachers, the location of classes, the target of teaching, the time of foreign teachers on duty, the teaching requirements of foreign teachers and other recruitment details through telephone, WeChat, QQ and other methods. Our company introduces the foreign teacher service methods and Service process, the two sides communicate in detail on the recruitment of foreign teachers.

2. The company starts recruiting foreign teachers according to the specific needs of the foreign teacher school. There are suitable foreign teacher candidates to send resumes, photos, foreign teacher videos and other documents to the school. According to the actual situation, they can also conduct online interviews or field interviews. The school chooses a satisfactory foreign teacher candidate people.

3. The school that hired foreign teachers communicated with our company in detail about the working hours of foreign teachers, the salary of foreign teachers, and the management of foreign teachers. After the two parties reached a consensus, they signed a formal full-time foreign teacher contract.

4. Our company arranges foreign teachers to carry out pre-job training and then attend classes at the school. At the same time, they arrange free accommodation and visas for foreign teachers. Most foreign teachers in our company can apply for formal work visas.

5. If the foreign teacher leaves during the contract period, our company will provide other foreign teachers to replace his position, and will also provide free accommodation and work visa to solve the school’s worries

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